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Dawson's pressure washing window cleaning athens, ga
Dawson's pressure washing window cleaning athens, ga

 Church Pew & Courtroom Furniture Refinishing


Suburban Pew Refinishing restores church pews and courtroom furniture to new.  All our pew refinishing and restoration is done with the same level of quality as new church pews. The pew refinishing is performed by the same professionals with state of the art equipment and finishes that are used for new pews. Suburban Pew Refinishing restores your pews to new condition and the new finish will last for years --- just as long as new pews.

Get your Church Pews refinished in as little as 5 days!

         ** Our Technicians Remove Your Pews For Transport
         ** We Provide Transportation To Our Refinishing Facility
         ** Your Pews Are Disassembled And Stripped Of Old Finish
         ** Sanding and Minor Repairs Are Done To Pews
         **  Pews Are Stained To The Color You Wish
         ** Pews Are Reassembled
         ** Two Coats Of Clear Durable Finish Are Applied
         ** After Finish Dries, Pews Are Upholstered If Necessary
         ** Our Technicians Return Pews And Install Pews In Your Church

pew refinishing  restored church pews

  Pews are first stripped of old finish and repaired, then refinished and reassembled.

Suburban Pew Refinishing now has a special service for church pew refinishing. If your church is within 500 miles of of Eufaula, Alabama, you can have up to 600 linear feet of pews (that is 50 12 ft pews) refinished in as little as 5 days. Our trucks will pick up your pews on Monday and return them before your next Sunday Services.

Just how far is Eufaula from your church? These church pew refinishing services reach out to as far as Memphis TN, New Orleans, LA, Charlotte NC, Lexinton, Kentucky, Eastern Arkansas, North and Central Florida, Atlanta GA, Greenville, SC, Nashville TN, North Carolina,all of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia.

Suburban Pew Refinishing is staffed and equipped to provide custom pew refinishing and pew upholstering of fine church furniture and pews. We take pride in our work and guarantee our results. Whether a project involves stripping and refinishing pews or a complete renovation including resizing of pew bodies and reupholstering of seats and kneelers, Suburban Pew Refinishing can assist you. All work is done with experience and dedication, using state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

Courthouse Furniture

Suburban Pew Refinishing provides the same great refinishing and restoration of Courthouse Furniture and other types of solid wood government seating.  We can restore wood courtroom furniture to like new condition and also reupholster if necessary.

Courthouse Furniture Restoration
Refinished Courthouse Seating


Courtroom seating refinishing

Above are the before and after pictures of the Superior Court of Peach County, Georgia located at Fort Valley. These pews built in 1936 were picked up, refinished and reinstalled by Suburban Church Supply on September 15, 2006. The customer said the refinished pews were so beautifully restored that he wished he had more for us to restore for him. On time installation and a satisfied customer are our main objectives.  Can we give you a free evaluation of your pews?

Pulpit & Altar Refinishing  church furniture refinishing

Pulpits, Altars, Chancel Furniture of good quality can be
refinished and restored by Suburban Church Refinishing

For an appointment, call Suburban Pew Refinishing TOLL FREE at 1-800-962-2698.


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