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Dawson's pressure washing window cleaning athens, ga
Dawson's pressure washing window cleaning athens, ga


Church Pew Refinishing & Restoration


Have your Church Pews refinished in as little as 5 days!

The Pew Refinishing Process

 ** We Provide Transportation To Our Refinishing Facility
 ** Our Technicians Remove Your Pews For Transport
 ** Your Pews Are Disassembled And Stripped Of Old Finish
 ** Sanding and Minor Repairs Are Done To Pews
 **  Pews Are Stained To The Color You Wish
 ** Pews Are Reassembled
 ** Two Coats Of Clear Durable Finish Are Applied
 ** After Finish Dries, Pews Are Upholstered If Necessary
 ** Our Technicians Return Pews And Install Pews In Your Church


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Church Pew Refinishing

Restore and Refinish Your Church Pews If;


1. Your pews have historic value to your church
2. Your pews are structurally sound but the finish is worn
3. You have architectural designed pews that can not be replaced
4. Your budget does not allow you to purchase new pews
5. Your pews are sound but your upholstery is worn  >>>>>>> Get more information here

Suburban Church Supply has been refinishing, repairing, and upholstering church pews and chancel furniture in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi for over 30 years. 

If your church pews look tired and worn, we can help.  Do your church pews have slight cracks and separations at the joints of the wood? You may need pew refinishing or pew upholstery. Most church pews and other church furnishings would cost thousands of dollars at today's prices to replace, probably 3 to 4 times what they originally cost. We can provide pew refinishing and pew upholstery for about 50 - 60% of the cost of new church pews.

Church Pew Upholstery

Church Pew Upholstery
Church Pew Upholstery can include new fabrics, replacing worn padding or cushions on your pews, and refinishing the wood if you wish. New church pew upholstery not only looks great but can make your congregation more comfortable as well. We can also add upholstery to bare pews, making them more comfortable and attractive. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colors. 

Get more information about Church Pew Reupholstering


We also specialize in:

Altar restoration & refinishing
Chancel restoration & refinishing

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